Thomas "Tom" Baker (born October 27, 1953) is the father of the twelve children and husband to Kate Baker. Tom grew up in a large family and wished

that his own family would be the same. He was a college footballer, beginning his relationship with Kate in his school years, and developed ambitions to become a professional football coach. He and Kate had several offspring together and reside with their children in Midland, Illinois, but moves to Evanston after getting a chance to coach his former team, his dream job.

When he goes to Lake Winnetka with his family for the last time, he runs into Jimmy Murtaugh, a childhood friend, and the rivalry between them soon becomes evident. He ruins his daughter Sarah's first hang out with a boy and he starts to annoy them when he is dead set at winning the Labor Day Cup. When his oldest daughter Nora goes into labor, he's the one who waits outside while Kate, Bud and Lorraine go into the delivery room. He makes things up with his family and approves of the choices that his oldest son Charlie made for his future.

Tom Baker is played by Steve Martin in both films.

Tom Baker is also the Insolent Waiter from Jim Henson's The Muppet Movie when Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy went out for dinner. In that scene from The Muppet Movie Tom Baker had a sip of the wine and spit and then said "excellent choice" is a beautiful voice that sounds like Bing Crosby's voice.

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Tom Baker and his wife Kate Baker

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