Kimberly "Kim" Baker (born February 21, 1996) is the ninth child of the Baker family.

Kim is 7 years old (9 in the second film) and very clever and very smart like her twin sister, Jessica. She is frequently involved in her sister Sarah's pranks.

She and Jessica are told that they must stop correcting their teacher in front of the class. Kim is quite serious but enjoyed taking part in the prank against Hank. When she, Jessica, Jake, Mike and Mark all start at their new school she is seen holding Jessica and Jake's hands. Kim attends all of her fathers football games and is disappointed when she misses one, especially as it was her fathers last one. She went to Dylan's birthday party, along with her twin Jessica, Sarah, Mike, Mark, Jake, and Henry. Kim preffers blue and Jessica likes pink.

Kim Baker is played by Morgan York.

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