Kate Baker

Full Name

Katherine Gilberth


Tom Baker (m.1980)

Portrayed by

Bonnie Hunt





Katherine "Kate" Gilbreth (born January 1, 1960) is the mother of twelve children and wife of Tom Baker. In her childhood, she lost her sister and grew up in a small family. Wishing she had a bigger family like what her children have now, she had dreams of becoming a journalist in Illinois and writing for the newspaper; however, she moved to the countryside with Tom in 1995 and began her new life there with him and their children. She appears to have a talent in writing and has had one of her books published.

Kate is often the voice of reason and the glue that keeps her large family together. When Tom wanted to win the cup and his children opposed him, she was the one who gave them a peptalk, reminding them that Tom wants to cherish all their memories made and that they are his favorite team. She appears to be at good terms with Sarina Murtaugh, Jimmy's wife.

In both films, Kate Gilbreth is played by Bonnie Hunt.

Kate Baker

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