Jimmy Murtaugh is the father of eight children. It is assumed that his first wife died (or has left them) and his second marriage was a folly. Sarina is his third wife and he has had a relationship with her for six months.

Jimmy Murtaugh is rich, and competitive. He tries his hardest to be a good father yet he doesn't see it when his children are miserable.

He, along with Tom Baker, ruins his son's first hang out with a girl.

When Nora Baker-McNulty had gone into labor in a canoe, he didn't believe it at first and urged his children to keep on paddling. Anne is the first to leave the group after her father says, "C'mon superstar, keep paddling!" She tells him that she is not a superstar and reveals her tattoo. Elliot follows her example: "You're gonna have to do it without me too, Dad" and dives after his sister. Becky dives after him after saying, "Not cool Dad" The rest of the group soon follows. Daniel tells Jimmy to "You gotta lighten up". Lisa and Robin tell him that they do like the Bakers and so it's only Sarina and himself in the canoe. He tries to get them back by threatening to cut off their accounts. This annoys Sarina who tells him to get over himself and that his kids are trying to tell him something and that unless he wants to start looking for wife number four, to keep paddling.

Eventually the two catch up with the Baker family and their own children. Jimmy tells Kenneth to lead the way and Tom tells Mark to do the same. He reconciles with Tom and waits with him as Nora gives birth when they're in the hospital. Anne comes to him and tells him that she'd rather go to Madison Art School. He is against it at first but after Sarina's stern "Jimmy!" he inquires of her if it's really what she wants. She responds positively and he says that it is alright. When everyone's gathered around Nora's bed, he tells his kids: "You Murtaugh's better start making grandkids or you'll fall behind!" Everyone laughs.

Jimmy Murtaugh is played by Eugene Levy.

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