Jacob “Jake” Baker (born January 12, 1993) is the sixth child and the third son of the Baker family.

Jake is 10 years old and portrayed as a quiet boy who sticks up for his family. He and his younger brother Mike get into a fight with the bullies at their new school when they find out they've been bullying Mark. Jake also spent most of his time on his skateboard, wearing black and a beanie hat. His younger sister Jessica seems to be the person he fights with the most, but they are still really close. In the school scene, he is seen holding Kim and Mike's hands. He seems to like to play hockey with his younger brother Mike. Like everyone else Jake did not want to move to Evanston. And was part of the prank on Nora's boyfriend, Hank.

Jake is a sporty boy and is usually seen holding an "E" on we love the coach banner.

Jake Baker is portrayed by Jacob Smith.

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