"What was that for?"

- Hank's last line after Nora hit him with a pillow for refusing to help look for her brother Mark and didn't want children.

Hank is portrayed by Ashton Kutcher in the first film.

Hank was Nora's ex-boyfriend and possibly the secondary antagonist in the first Cheaper by the Dozen film. He is very self-obsessed and is an actor. His last name is never revealed throughout the movie.

The Bakers (especially the kids) don't like Hank because of his somewhat snobbish nature. Nora mentions that he was an only child, which could contribute towards the fact he doesn't like the Baker children. He was an actor in a commercial and even admitted the fact he wasn't a very good actor and only got the job because of his face. He doesn't like kids and doesn't want to have any children in the future.

When Nora was asked to babysit her younger siblings she roped Hank into it, but was wary because last time the kids set his pants on fire. Instead, the children soak his underwear in meat and allow Gunner, the family dog, to attack his bottom. Soon all of the dogs in the street attack him as he and Nora go to his car. Later he's seen knocking on Nora's window at the baker house asking her to let him in and sleeps with her much to Tom's frustration. When a fight starts as family is preparing for Oprah, Hank tells Nora that families are like death and taxes and that she can't want this that's why she's with him. When Mark goes missing, Nora is disappointed that he didn't want to help looking for Mark and didn't want children. Nora broke up with Hank because of those reasons, considering that he never appeared in the second film, which saw Nora married and having a baby.

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