Cast[edit | edit source]



  • Robbie Amell as Daniel Murtaugh, Jimmy's son (2nd child)
  • Alexander Conti as Kenneth Murtaugh, Jimmy's son (8th child)
  • Courtney Fitzpatrick as Lisa Murtaugh, Jimmy's daughter and Robin's twin sister (6th child)
  • Madison Fitzpatrick as Robin Murtaugh, Jimmy's daughter and Lisa's twin sister (7th child)
  • Brent Kinsman as Nigel Baker, Tom & Kate's son and Kyle's twin brother (11th child)
  • Shane Kinsman as Kyle Baker, Tom & Kate's son and Nigel's twin brother (12th child)
  • Shawn Roberts as Calvin Murtaugh, Jimmy's son (1st child)
  • Melanie Tonello as Becky Murtaugh, Jimmy's daughter (4th child)
  • Blake Woodruff as Mike Baker, Tom & Kate's son (10th child)
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