The first chandelier, with Tom and Dylan swinging on it before it snaps and smashes on the floor

Securing brakcet fails, Tom falls to the floor, and the chandelier smashed upon impact, leaving a trail of gypsum board debris

The chandelier was a prominant lighing fixture that first appeared in Cheaper by the Dozen. It was located in the Baker family's new mansion in a Chicago suburb, and was infamous because it crashed several times to the floor, as a result of various mishaps.

First Chandelier[edit | edit source]

The first chandelier was a 1940s style rusty iron and glass flower petal design, suspended by a yellow fabric-covered steel chain, and about 4 meters up in the main lobby. When Dylan was playing indoor hockey atop roller scates on the second floor, his velocity caused him to overshoot the banisters and grabbed onto it. Tom Baker tried to retrieve him, but ended up grabbing onto the chandelier as well, and the both of them make it swing and spin at the same time. About 30 seconds later, the securing bracket started to fail. Dylan let go first and was caugt by a bystanding caretaker. Three seconds later, the braket failed, creating a brief flash of sparks as the electrical cable snapped, and Tom crashed onto the floor, shattering the glass flower petals. Uninjured, Tom remarks to Dylan's parents about his immidiate dislike of the chandelier's design, before getting up and brushing off broken pieces of gypsym board from the ceiling. Charlie was called in to retrieve the destroyed chandelier, but found it was too heavy to handle.

Second Chandelier[edit | edit source]

The second chandeleir is smashed after being torn from its supports when the mechanic installing it falls of his ladder

A replacement chandelier was ordered off-screen. It was a completely different design, featuring a modern bowl-like glass dome, with a steel perimeter rim with holes in it. It was also suspended by three smaller chains instead of one. This design will be the type for all remaining replacements.

The second chandelier was installed by a mechanic atop a ladder. When Tom was trying to talk to a storming off Nora, Jessica was in his way (and a bucket was on her head, blocking her sight), and she got pushed onto the ladder, causing the mechanic to fall off, bringing down the dome chandelier with it. The smashed chandelier was a total loss, and Tom apologizes to the mechanic who walks off to his van to order another one.

Third Chandelier[edit | edit source]

The third chandelier and the mechanic, including several scenes of him falling off, and the glass dome falling off the ladder

After the events of the second chandelier smashing, the mechanic decided to install it at night when everyone's asleep. While Tom was on the phone listening to a voicemail, the mechanic eavesdrops on the message, and says "Sounds like somebody got his jimmy whipped", but Tom - unamused, walks from the room. The mechanic jiggles to himself, but looses grip on his ladder, and once again falls off. The impact shifts the ladder's position by a few centimeters, and the bowl chandelier tips to the side two seconds later, then falls ontop of the mechanic (who was recovering, then spooked at it's sudden crash). An audible sound of the chandelier smashing is heard, before the camera cuts to a black screen and then an exterior view of the house at night.

Forth Chandelier[edit | edit source]

The forth chandelier fails during Christmas dinner

The installation of the forth replacement chandelier happens off screen, and is only seen at the end of the film. While the Baker family enjoys Christmas Dinner, the camera pans over the christmas tree with the chandelier lamp in view. Then suddenly and without any known reason, all the chains securing it to the ceiling suddently detach, and the chandelier falls once again to the lobby floor: but this time making the loudest smash than any other incident. The collapse of the chandelier makes eveyone at the dinner table jump (with the exeption of Charlie who just happend to see it first), just before the camera cuts to a black screen, then the credits.

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