Bud Bunker McNulty is the father of one son and and husband to Nora Baker-McNulty. He has respect for everybody around him and his wife's younger brothers and sisters like him. They like Bud a lot better than Hank due to the fact that Bud likes kids. Bud is a nice young man and always has a positive attitude. He planned on moving to Houston because of his job promotion but later decided to move to Lake Winnetka and buy his in-laws' vacation home on the lake after the birth of his son. He loves Nora and wants to support her when they want to decide their unborn baby's future.

Bud is seen eating at a clam bake with Nora that the Bakers are invited to. He most likely got a job promotion due to always having a positive attitude or for being responsible at work. Bud wants to work part time after Nora gives birth so that he can be there for his wife and their unborn baby. When Nora she goes into labor, Bud is a nervous wreck. At the hospital, Bud tries to calm his wife and then he snaps at a doctor at the front desk. He is relaxed after the birth of his son.

Bud is portrayed in the film by Jonathan Bennett.

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