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The Baker Family is a family whom used to live Midland, Indiana and moved to Evanston, Illinois and feature in the film Cheaper by the Dozen and its sequel.

Parents[edit | edit source]

Children[edit | edit source]

  • Nora Baker-McNulty (Tom & Kate's daughter), The 1st born daughter (born: February 6th, 1981)
  • Charlie Baker (Tom & Kate's son), The 2nd eldest and 1st son (born: April 23rd. 1986)
  • Lorraine Baker (Tom & Kate's daughter), The 3rd child and 2nd daughter (born: February 27th, 1987)
  • Henry Baker (Tom & Kate's son), The 4th child and 2nd son (born: March 12th, 1991)
  • Sarah Baker (Tom & Kate's daughter), The 5th child and 3rd daughter (born: February 14th, 1992)
  • Jake Baker (Tom & Kate's son), The 6th child and 3rd son (born: January 12th, 1993)
  • Mark Baker (Tom & Kate's son),  The 7th and 4th son (born: March 20th, 1994)
  • Jessica Baker (Tom & Kate's daughter and Kim's twin sister), The 8th child and 4th daughter (born: February 21st, 1996)
  • Kim Baker (Tom & Kate's daughter and Jessica's twin sister), The 9th child and 5th daughter (born: February 21st, 1996)
  • Mike Baker (Tom & Kate's son),  The 10th and 5th son (born: April 10th, 1997)
  • Nigel Baker (Tom & Kate's son and Kyle's twin brother), The 11th and 7th son (born: April 13th, 1998)
  • Kyle Baker (Tom & Kate's son and Nigel's twin brother), The 12th and 6th son (born: April 13th, 1998)
  • NOTE: It is unconfirmed where the birth dates come from ... so it cannot be considered completely accurate to think that these are really the Baker children's birthdays.

Children-in-Law[edit | edit source]

Grandchildren[edit | edit source]

Pets[edit | edit source]

  • Gunner the Dog
  • Beans the Frog (dead)
  • Pork the Frog (dead)
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