Anne Murtaugh

Anne Murtaugh is the oldest daughter of Jimmy Murtaugh and the third eldest of her siblings, as shown in the second Cheaper by the Dozen film. She stuggles with the life she's trying to lead and the one her father has in store for her. She falls in love with Charlie Baker and she wants to go to Madison Art School. She is 19 years old in the second Cheaper by the Dozen film.

At the Labor Day Cup games she gives Charlie advice and instructions.

She is the first one to quit canoeing and dive in the lake, and her siblings follow. She swims towards the Baker family and asks Kate what she can do to help, Kate tells her to help Nora as much as she can.

In the hospital she waits with the Bakers and tells her father of her decision and her future goal in life. He's against it at first but gets reprimanded by Sarina. Then he says it's okay. They share a hug after that.

Anne Murtaugh is played by Jaime King in the second film.

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